Organic meat delivered to your door!

You can order fresh meat for delivery now

(see price list below)

Can’t make it to the farm this week? Tablehurst is now offering delivery of fresh meat and poultry in insulated boxes by overnight courier. The minimum order value is £50, and there is a £10 delivery charge for orders under £100 (no charge for orders over £100).

You can download our current price list here or view at the bottom of this page. You can pick and choose whatever items you want for your order.

Order now by calling 01342 823173 (option 1) or by emailing

  • Is all the meat organic? Yes, apart from the venison, which is wild, all our meat is certified organic, and our beef and lamb are certified biodynamic.
  • Is all the meat from Tablehurst? Nearly all. The venison is local, and we occasionally buy in a beef carcass from another biodynamic farm with whom we have had a working relationship for more than a decade.
  • Is the meat frozen?  No – all the meat is delivered fresh and hasn’t been previously frozen.
  • Will the meat stay cold during delivery? Yes – the boxes should keep the meat at fridge temperature for up to 48 hours.
  • When do I have to order, and when will the meat arrive? Deliveries will be available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (additional £15 charge for all Saturday deliveries regardless of value). We need your order and payment (see below) two days before delivery day (e.g. by 5.00pm on Tuesday for delivery on Thursday).
  • Can I specify a delivery time? No – the meat will be delivered on a specified day, but not at a specified time.
  • How do I order? Just call the farm between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Saturday, or email at any time. The phone can get busy on Saturdays and is quietest early in the week.
  • How do I pay for my order? We require payment with order by debit or credit card over the phone to the number above.

Meat price list Feb 2018