Exceptional pork at an exceptional price

What would you say to a 7kg mixed box of superb organic pork, delivered to your door for £59.99, 40% below our normal retail price?

How to order
To order your box, just call our farm shop on 01342 823173 or email The meat is delivered in an insulated box by overnight courier to arrive on Thursday or Friday. Saturday deliveries are also possible but there is an additional £15 delivery charge. There will be a limited number of boxes available each week, so order early to secure your purchase.

What’s in the box?
Every box will contain two boned and rolled roasting joints (one leg and one shoulder), a belly joint, 1.5kg of pork chops, 500g of diced pork, a dozen of our traditional butcher’s sausages, and 500g of nitrate-free home-cured back bacon – at least 7kg of meat in total.

What makes the meat exceptional?
We have been rearing organic pork at Tablehurst Farm for 20 years. All our animals are born and raised on the farm. We specialise in traditional breeds such as Oxford Sandy and Black and Saddleback, which grow slowly and produce meat with a real depth of flavour. We are constantly striving to improve our organic farming techniques to maximise animal welfare and keep the animals in excellent health. After slaughter, the cuts are prepared for you by our own team of butchers here on the farm, so we are able to control all stages of the process.

If the meat is so good, why is it being discounted?
We don’t normally offer discounts at Tablehurst, but over the last twelve months, some successful changes to our pig farming practices have increased supply ahead of our normal levels of demand, hence this special offer.

Call 01342 823173 or email now to place your order.