Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Farms come together for our annual Harvest Celebration and AGM. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear about our farms, learn a little about why we farm the way we do, join us for a special lunch to celebrate the Harvest and find out how to get more involved in your community farms.

This year, we will have a special focus on soil, a truly remarkable, little understood substance, and an essential aspect of our life support system as a species.

After lunch, we will be offering activities for all, continuing to follow the theme of soil. These will include farm walks, work with the biodynamic preparations, getting up close and personal with soil, and some great activities for kids.

This event is open to everyone, and there is no need to book, so please do join us from 10.00 in the sheep barn at Tablehurst. If you would like to be a volunteer on the day (and we need lots!) please email Zoe at

10.00     Coffee and welcome

10.30     Co-op AGM

11.00     Farm reports and “Farmers’ Question Time”

12.15     The Secrets of Soil: three short talks

13.00     Harvest Celebration Lunch

14.00     Practical activities for everyone

·       Farm and garden walks

·       Work with the biodynamic preparations

·       Soil: getting up close and personal

·       Kids painting and farming activities

Here’s a flavour of last year’s event at Plaw Hatch Farm