The Tablehurst Team

It is hard to get everyone together at the same time! But Here are most of us; from left to right

Here is our latest team photo (May 2016)

Names are from left to right, top to bottom

Dean Hallet, Daniel Docherty, Peter Brown, Peter Leake, Robin Brown,

James Wilson, Jane Gordon, Lucy Wills, Deborah Watts, Torsten Draheim, Trude Lauksund, Erik Komen,

Stephen Mills, David Junghans, Noella Goldie, Charlotte Javelle, Rosa Fischer, Eelco Visser, Mike Schunemann, Lien Stevens,

Daan de Ridder, Maaike Zirkzee, baby Ronja, Adele Marshall, Alan Woolford,

Luciano Flesses, Vicky Flesses, Rob Tilsley, Annabell Tilsley, Briony Young, Maja Schwarz, care home resident.

Amelia Errazuriz, baby Ella, Auke Zirkzee, Hazel Tilsley, Rebecca Tilsley, care home resident.
Missing from this photo but very much part of the team, Adriana and Elias, Rachel Hanney, Jessica Nicholas, Eddie Saunders, Elaine Lancashire, Amber Callafiore, Elliot Bird,

Stephan Duve, Vija Docherty, Jeremy Smith, care home resident, Peter Brinch and Holly Brown



Team Photo 1

Winter 2016

Back row – Alan Woolford , Lucy Wills, Rob Tilsley, Robin Brown, Lien Stevens, Peter Leake, Stuart Bingham, Deborah Watts, care home resident, Jeremy Smith.

Middle Row – Care home reseident, Eddie Saunders, Jessica Nicholas, Adele Marshall, Holly Brown with Truffle the pig!, Elaine Lancashire, Vicky Flesses, Torsten Draheim, Trude Lauksund, David Junghans, Maja Schwarz, Mike Schunemann,

Front Row – Stephan Duve, Luke Hrachovec, Eelco Visser, Cathy Fenton, Stephen Mills, Amelia Errazuriz, Auke Zirkzee and their daughter Ella, Peter Brown and Rusty the dog.

Missing from the Photo but very much part of the team, Vija Docherty, Daniel Docherty, Clare Adams, Luciano Flesses, Verity Vince, Laura Adams, Maaike Zirkzee, Daan de Ridder,

Tilly Bird, Mark Willenbruch, Elliot Bird.










Back Row: Andrew (Resident), Lien (gardener), Stuart (resident), Stephen (gardener), Auke (farmer), Robin (farmer), Daan (farmer), Maaike (cafe), Emil (farm apprentice)

Middle Row: Luke E. (left ), Luke H. (butcher), Oliver (admin), Amelia (left ), Holly (cafe), Adriana (cafe), David (farmer), Briony (farmer), Jara (left )

Front: Rebecca (Left), Hazel (baby), Rob (gardener)

Missing: Peter (Care home),  Adele (pie chef), David (butcher), Barry (left ), Rosie (Left), Clare (shop), Amanda (cafe), Caroline (farm apprentice), Luigi (farm apprentice).