Our award winning meat comes from our pure Sussex suckler herd

The herd

We have around 50 suckler cows on the farm, some of them more than 10 years old. The cows spend all summer outside on the pastures and there is a good chance you will see them if you walk the footpaths that criss-cross our land. In the winter, they live indoors, as the English climate is too wet for all-year outdoor grazing.

A word about horns

A common misunderstanding about cattle is that only bulls have horns. This is quite untrue; the majority of farmers remove the horns from young animals because this makes it easier to house the animals in more crowded conditions. Far from being a weapon, the cows horns are actually delicate sense organs, and there is no good reason to remove them. All the cattle raised at Tablehurst keep their horns throughout their lives.

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Biodynamic cows keep their horns. Horns are important for the cow’s digestion

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The right food

Our herd live entirely on a diet of biodynamic grass and herbs grown here on the farm. In the summer, we produce hay and silage from our own fields sufficient to feed all the animals in winter.

Calves raised by their mothers

The cows usually have one calf a year which stays with the mother for at least 9 months. After this, the young animals join a group of other young stock to be grown on, typically until they are 27 months old.

Cows and kids

Future farmers move one of our herds into a new field


Terry, one of our residents, with the young stock