Our Sheep

A mix of old traditional breeds and 200 new Wiltshire Horn ewes

At Tablehurst we have our own flock of sheep. We currently have around 150 ewes of mixed breeds.

farm_ooc_pr 592

Dorset and Lleyn sheep in one of our fields


Our flock is build up on Lleyn and Dorset ewes and recently we have integrated around 30 Wilthire Horns. Wiltshire Horns are an old traditional breed and are self-shedding which means they don’t have to be shorn.

Each ewe gives birth to 1,2 or even 3 lambs a year. They all lamb in March and April in the barn behind the shop and you are welcome to visit us to see the young lambs being born.

farm_ooc_pr 618

Our ewes moving field. The noise of an empty grain bag makes them follow the car.

We now run a new flock of 200 pure Wiltshire Horn sheep on 60ha of biodynamic land in conversion near Groombridge.


Wiltshire horn rams get a little bit of grain before tupping…



Indoor lambing is labour intensive but one of the nicest jobs on the farm. Our visitors enjoy free access to our lambing shed as long as farm staff is present.