Our Vegetable Garden

8 acre vegetable garden at the heart of the farm

Part of Tablehurst Farm is the 8 acre vegetable garden at the heart of the farm. It is made up of three main growing areas and 1500 sq. meters of protected cropping. The primary focus of the garden is to grow Biodynamic vegetables for the farm Shop and Cafe


Luigi, one of our apprentices harvests vegetables for the shop


The garden in its current form has been running since 2010 and each year has grown in scale to meet the demand from our committed customers. Starting with our mixed salads the popularity of the vegetables has grown every year as people learn to appreciate the range of home grown fresh and seasonal produce they can collect from the farm every week.

Our fertility comes from compost and manure from our own animals and waste products at the farm, this is used to improve the soil along with the Biodynamic preparations which promote healthy growth in our crops.

As well as fruit and vegetables we also offer a range of potted plants and herbs grown at the farm and cut flowers when they are in season including Sweet Peas, sweet Williams, Sunflowers and colourful mixed bunches all at prices well below what you’d expect to pay at the supermarket and picked fresh daily.


Biodynamic beauty

Potato Harvest (2) EDIT

Potato Harvest 2014