The Shop

Buy seasonal Biodynamic & Organic food

In our farm shop you can buy the freshest produce grown and reared on the farm as well as carefully selected items from other trusted producers. Our shop is now open Monday to Saturday from 9 to 5.

Biodynamic & Organic Meat

We offer beef, pork, lamb and chicken all year around. We have a butchery integrated into the shop and you can see the butchers cutting and making burgers and sausages while you are shopping. We also rear ducks, geese and turkeys, mainly for Christmas.

Biodynamic & Organic Vegetables

Vegetable production at Tablehurst has increased dramatically over the past few years – driven by customer demand and rave reviews for quality. Seasonal eating is growing ever more popular and our customers range from local villagers concerned for their local environment and the quality of their food to world class chefs and celebrities looking for the very best in quality and flavour.

Pies, Cakes & More

You’re sure to love our home-made produce! It’s as though you’d made it in your very own kitchen! We offer a range of pies, sausage rolls, quiches, cakes and much more. You can take away our eat-in… just as you like!

Biodynamic Wine & Organic Beer

We carry a boutique range of Biodynamic Wines and Organic Beers

Other Biodynamic & Organic Produce

You can buy fresh rye and wheat flour produced on the farm, fruits from our garden and greenhouses,, dairy products from our sister Farm Plaw Hatch, biodynamic eggs from Orchard Eggs in Forest Row and organic bread from Sussex Kitchen in East Grinstead. All products are organic and sustainably sourced.

Our sourcing policy

At the farm we have been certified by ‘Demeter’ as organic and we can therefore label our products organic.

First and foremost we try to stock products that are Biodynamic, if not then Organic and also products that are local as possible. Some of these products might not be ‘certified Organic’ as they are small producers and the certification process is quite a costly one. But we trust these hand-picked suppliers to bring us the best produce and in turn put these in the shop for you to buy.