Every Wednesday is Volunteer Day!

Tablehurst has been blessed with wonderful volunteers ever since it was founded in 1996. We are now launching an initiative to invite volunteers to the farm every Wednesday starting 29th May to get involved in a wide variety of activities to support the farm.

This is a regular weekly event where we come together, meet others in the community and learn as we go along. One of our objectives is to give as many people as possible a flavour or what we are doing at Tablehurst, why we do it this way, and why good farming practices are so important for human health and the health of the planet. We aren’t going to lecture you, but we hope you will gradually get a sense of Tablehurst by being part of it.

  • Everyone is welcome (young children supervised please). We will have activities for all levels of fitness.
  • You don’t have to make a regular commitment. Come when you can. We will be here every Wednesday.
  • You can come at 9.30am for the morning or 2.00pm for the afternoon. If you come for the whole day, you will be invited to join the staff for our farm lunch.
  • Meet outside the cafe for each half day session.
  • There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad planning!
  • It isn’t essential to commit in advance, but if you can, that’s even better, especially if you are staying for lunch. Just drop Zoe a line to

There will be some ongoing and some one-off projects to keep us busy. On 29 May, we will be focussing on clearing the pond, saving our new trees which are struggling in this dry weather and making biodynamic prep balls. These activities range from manual labour to sitting and creating so all abilities are very welcome. We really are keen to include everyone.

If you can’t come on Wednesdays, but would still like to get involved with Tablehurst, don’t despair. Drop a line to Zoe at and she will contact you for a chat about what is possible.