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“To live in love towards our actions, and to let live in the understanding of the other person’s will, is the fundamental maxim of free men.” R. Steiner


A Biodynamic Farm

Tablehurst Biodynamic Farm grows, produces and sells food that is certified Biodynamic demeter  and Organic by the Biodynamic Association

Come and experience a working Organic and Biodynamic farm. See our animals in the barns and fields, relax in our Cafe Garden with playground, taste fresh coffee, cakes and pies, enjoy seasonal events, beautiful walks over the farm and gardens and buy your groceries, fresh vegetables, meats, eggs, bread, biodynamic wine and dairy in our farm shop.

A Community Farm

The farm is open to everyone and owned by the local community Co-op along with our partner farm Plaw Hatch.

The farm is supported by St Anthony’s Trust, The Biodynamic Land Trust and of course the Co-op community members ( Community Farm Membership Form )

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After wet winters the summers can be dry in the southeast of England.


We farm an area of 280ha in and around Forest Row according to biodynamic and organic principles and are passionate about what we are doing. We believe that a farm like ours is not only a place where food is produced but rather a place where people can meet and become part of what has been almost lost: AgriCULTURE.

We not only grow vegetables, fruits and grain, rear cows, sheep, pigs, chicken, ducks, geese and turkeys; We also educate children and adults, train 4 apprentices, provide a fulfilling life and work environment for people with learning disabilities, organise events like farm walks, open days and Barn dances and last but not least process our produce on the farm and offer the freshest and healthiest products in our own Farm Shop and Cafe.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon onto the Farm!

Our food is not only fresher and tastes better, but by buying home-grown produce you support the local economy and also reduce the energy needed to transport your food. ALL OUR PRODUCE IS CERTIFIED ORGANIC OR BIODYNAMIC. We grow our produce to the highest standards and people travel from far away to buy our award winning meats.

Job Vacancy for full time shop/butchery assistant

  We are looking for a reliable person with driving licence to help out in all areas in our farm shop. Tasks include serving customers and processing and packing meats. Please apply to: Rachel Hanney Tablehurst Farm London Road Forest Row RH185DP email to: or phone 01342823173   More details: TABLEHURST COMMUNITY FARM Full […]

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Key facts about Tablehurst as Biodynamic Farm

Tablehurst Farm is a biodynamic farm. There is no quick and easy way to fully understand biodynamics and only real interest and a little time brings one closer to a deeper understanding of the matter. However, there are some key facts that can be easily explained: -Biodynamic farming and organic farming share a lot at […]

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Our Food System Under Review

The food industry’s environmental impact in the UK alone costs £7.2bn a year. The UK food industry is highly inefficient, using eight calories of energy to produce every one calorie of food. Workers in the UK food system make up 11% of the UK labour force but are all paid less than the UK average […]

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Releasing the True Value of Land

a message from Dr Titus Bahner: “Dear friends, Timely for the Christmas tree we can proudly present the english version of the “Land[frei]kauf” study, now titled *Releasing the True Value of Land – The Land Market and new Forms of Ownership for Organic Agriculture*. It is a shortened version of the German original, shrunk from […]

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Sustainable Food Production Research

Dr Rachael Durrant, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Sussex, has learnt valuable lessons from Tablehurst and Plaw Hatch Farms, which she has written up in her doctoral thesis and a shorter food research paper. Both of these are available here: Civil society roles in transition: towards sustainable food? (food research paper) Dr Rachael […]

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Cafe Specials

pot Hearty soups and bakes to warm you up cooked fresh for lunch each day
pizzapie Seasonal cakes and tarts nothing like a slice of Holly's home made cake
chef Fresh and crunchy seasonal salads from garden to plate is 300m

Seasonal Shop Offers

award Award winning pies and sausage rolls hearty pastry feasts
turkey Organic Turkey cuts make Christmas last longer!
newtag **New** Products added regularly If you'd like us to stock something let us know