A proper turkey for Christmas …


Our Norfolk Black turkeys in the old apple orchard at Tablehurst

With Christmas fast approaching, it is time to think about sourcing a really good turkey for your festive table. If you are looking for a bird of exceptional eating quality which has experienced the highest standards of welfare and ample room to roam, you have come to the right place. Our organic turkey chicks are just a day old when they arrive at Tablehurst in May. They spend a few weeks in spacious indoor accommodation in our sheep barn before moving out to the old apple orchard in June or July.

This year, all the turkeys are Norfolk Blacks – a traditional breed which is believed to have been imported to Europe from North America in the 1500s – the name came later when the breed became popular in East Anglia. Norfolk Blacks thrive outdoors, grow slowly and yield a bird of superior flavour compared with the usual supermarket birds. Norfolk Blacks do not have the over-developed breasts of some modern breeds, so they offer a more natural balance of light and dark meat. The turkeys are slaughtered here on the farm and normally hung for about two weeks before Christmas to ensure the optimum flavour and tenderness on Christmas Day.

You can order your turkey from Tablehurst now, but you will have to come to the farm to collect it, as we don’t deliver. You can also order geese, ducks, beef, pork, lamb, bacon, sausages and sausage meat, and our range of party quiches and pies for Christmas. If you haven’t visited us before, allow some time when you come to walk the farm and learn more about how we work. You can also visit our cafe – a great chance to sample Tablehurst produce here where it is grown – and our award-winning farm shop, where we sell all our meat and a wide range of Tablehurst-grown vegetables and other organic produce.

If you want to know more, email us at, or call the shop on 01342 823173.