Farm & Garden

Creating food while nurturing the land

The farm as an organism

We see our biodynamic farm and garden as a single organism. All the different activities are interconnected, and all are dependent on a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment. We grow food for consumption now, but we farm for the long term, caring for wildlife, building soil fertility, and always striving for more sustainable ways to feed our community.

Farming can be quite a ride … 


As community farm we aim to provide possibilities for people to understand farming and food production better. We encourage people to come, as visitors and customers, to re-connect to the land and their food.

You are welcome to join as a co-owner of the farm, giving you the security to know what you eat and how your food is produced.

farm_ooc_pr 761

Bringing the forage in for winter feeding


farm_ooc_pr 866

Fixing the baler again….

Farm May 043

We grow vegetables for you in 6 tunnels. It’s 2 minutes walk from there to our shop, you can’t get it fresher than that!