Our Pigs

Happy pigs that are allowed the outdoor space to do what they like best... make a mess!

On Tablehurst we rear our own sows and their litters.

farm_ooc_pr 792

Large white sow in very good nick with piglet


The pigs spend the winter inside on fresh straw befor they go outside from March til November. They only eat the best organic grain, partly produced on the farm and partly sourced from other biodynamic and organic farms. Their food mix contains only beans, peas, wheat, triticale, barley, oats and seaweed. We also feed them locally sourced organic whey and water from our own reservoir.

We have a mix of Large white and Oxford black and sandy sows, a large white boar and a Duroc boar. Sows and boars live close to each other and we never use artificial insemination.

When outside, the pigs are protected by small houses in which they sleep. But most of the day you will see them outside doing what they like best: getting their noses into the ground and roots!

farm_ooc_pr 793

One of the morning jobs on the farm: feeding around 180 pigs by hand takes 2 people one hour.


Early in the morning before feeding time…..